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Smooth Endings, Ltd. was established in 2001 by Donna Trimboli, a New York State Certified Master Laser Specialist. Located in Park Slope, Brooklyn, the modern facility provides safe, effective, and affordable permanent hair removal for a diverse community of valued clients, including:  

  • Women who are embarrassed by unwanted hair occurring with age, hormonal changes, or certain medical conditions.

  •  Men who feel inhibited and distressed by dense hair on their shoulders, back, and arms.  

  • Transgender individuals seeking to enhance their appearance as they journey to their lives. 

  • Teens who feel insecure and self-conscious about superfluous hair.

Smooth Endings uses the safest and most technologically advanced laser available—the Candela GentleLase™ Plus.  This technology—coupled with Donna’s painstaking care and skill—ensures Smooth Endings clients experience superior results with minimal discomfort.   

Clients are also assured that Smooth Endings provides a safe environment: The treatment studio is licensed by the New York City Health Department and adheres to the highest environmental standards established by OSHA.  

Equally important, Donna--and her dedicated staff--treat all clients with respect and consideration of any anxieties they may have. Smooth Endings is committed to offering the highest-quality services in a serene and supportive environment.

Laser Basics


With each pulse, the laser's light heats the hair follicle. The heat then penetrates deep into the follicle and destroys the blood vessel that feeds the hair. Deprived of nourishment, the hair cannot grow. This three-stage process is called Photo-thermo-lysis (light-heat-destroy). The Candela GentleLase™ Plus is particularly effective because its 755nm wavelength allows for greater light and heat penetration into the follicle for complete removal. Its 3msec-pulse duration is crucial for maximum control of thermal impairment. The larger spot-size makes it possible to use lower energy without compromising efficacy, while keeping the treatment as comfortable as possible. The GentleLASE™ requires no creams, gels, pre-treatment waxing or needles. Treatments are safe and comfortable, removing body and facial hair without damaging the skin. Treatments can take 5 minutes for the upper lip and up to an hour for complete leg and bikini hair removal.


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