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Thank you for taking the time to read the feedback Smooth Endings has received from valued clients of all ages and backgrounds who had a common goal — to feel better about their appearance. My clients’ reviews remind me of how privileged I am to continue helping people change their lives for the better. For this opportunity, I am forever grateful.
— Donna

"Donna is super friendly, gentle, professional and her boutique office is cozy and very relaxing"!
 "Donna was great.  She is so friendly and easy-going and it's such a relaxing atmosphere.
 "Donna did laser removal of my unwanted facial hair years ago -- and not a single hair has ever returned. She is precise, thorough, patient, and caring. She answers all questions and explains everything you need to know before, during, and after treatment. She makes you feel at ease at all times and the results could not be better. Her shop is beautiful and impeccably clean. I recommend her without reservation."
 "You have no idea but, you are changing my life everyday!"
" Can't beat it!  Many laser hair removal places have pretentious owners and/or workers. When I met Donna at Smooth Endings, I could sense a kindness in her voice and mannerisms. Being a male, laser hair removal is something that I personally was not so comfortable approaching. When I was in Donna's studio, she made me feel extremely comfortable and not the least bit self-conscious. I am so happy with the way I was treated, and even more so with the results--very highly recommended! Thanks, Donna! "
 "After meeting you I knew I was in good hands."
"The office  is small, private and very clean. Donna is a true professional, and she knows exactly what she is doing and is very helpful. She is open to answer any questions you might have, in person, over the phone or via email. She makes you feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed."
I got to Smooth Endings through Living Social. And as other people said, sometimes through deals you get to places you just don’t want to go back to. This is not the case. It’s a small intimate space and Donna is sweet and accommodating, and is very open to hear your thoughts and concerns, which is very rare. I cannot recommend highly enough!
— M.D.
"I went on a living social binge a few months ago. Rarely are these things a real deal or take you to places you would like to go back to, but this one is different on both counts. I will definitely be back and Donna's regular prices are very reasonable too. Go on, getcher laser on, you will be so happy you did, as long as its done here!"
"You greeted me with a hug,& I knew you were a special spirit."
"Thank You so much for taking the time to work with me. You made my first experience so comfortable, friendly and professional, I feel more confident already!"


Donna Is Fantastic Donna is fantastic... - Donna, owner of Smooth Endings in Park Slope, Brooklyn, is fantastic! Donna is professional and provides the best laser hair removal service in Brooklyn. She took her time and was happy to give me breaks as I needed them. Best of all, my skin is so smooth! Bye-bye razors!
— Kerstin
"There is so much to rave about regarding this business.  Its tiny Park Slope space is immaculate and lovely. Donna is knowledgeable, exacting in her work, and exudes a caring that makes you feel comfortable (which is very important considering how vulnerable you can feel on that table depending on what you are getting done-- Trust me!!!)."
"I liked the personal care and one on one attention ." 
"Donna is absolutely fabulous and made my day. She is a real professional and a very caring person. My experience was relaxing and simply just loved being there. Donna is awesome!"
"Donna is great ! She is really caring when it comes to laser hair removal and honest."
"Donna is great ! I went here because I bought a voucher online. I was expecting to be treated differently, but she was very professional and extremely welcoming. She took her time in doing the laser hair removal and explained everything before it. Donna really took care of me and I am extremely thankful ! Another great thing is that the treatment will always be done by her and no one else."
"Donna is a terrific laser technician.  She makes you feel incredibly comfortable and at home. " 
"Wonderful experience! Donna is amazing. "
"Donna Trimboli is amazing. While she is professional and thorough, while achieving excellent results, she also easily manages to be personal and inviting. This makes the overall experience to be both comfortable and effective! I have been lasered by others before with less success. While the other options were cheaper at the time, it cost me more money in the long run since I needed to have the areas retreated. I was hesitant to try laser again, thinking I may just not be the right candidate for successful hair removal but by excellent fortune I found Donna and now have smoother endings!!! I highly recommend her in every way."
"Donna Rocks! Even though there are hundreds of other locations, i must say that I pin-pointed the right place to have laser hair removal done. Donna was very calm and inviting, she was also very understanding of my situation. She took the time to answer all of my concerns before the procedure to help me feel relaxed and comfortable"  
" Donna is amazing. She is super sweet, and knows what she’s doing. I have used other laser hair removal places before and no one has worked until I came here. "
"Simply Amazing! Donna has made my hair removal experience at Smooth Endings extremely satisfying. I was really embarrassed about needing hair removal, but Donna was not only reassuring, but VERY skilled throughout this whole process. I am so happy I went to Smooth Endings, and I have nothing but praise for Donna's work!"


Can’t say enough about Donna and the awesome results! Would highly recommend laser hair removal as well as Smooth Endings as the place to do it! Donna is terrific, professional and fun to be around. The salon space is relaxing, clean and peaceful to be in. The results are incredible and definitely life changing.
— Julie
"Donna is terrific... Donna really knows what she's doing. She's very smart and totally knows the equipment. I can't say it doesn't hurt a little but the results are amazing. It really works...and Donna makes it painless because she is so sensitive to her clients' needs and also she can be very funny, so you're distracted."
"Amazing! Honestly, this is the best money you'll spend. Donna knows what she's doing, there is no skin problem during or after the treatment, and because I had my work done 3 years ago I can attest that it's a permanent solution! Donna's shop is also comfy and an enjoyable place...go for it!"
"LIFE CHANGING RESULTS  - Donna's laser hair removal at Smooth Endings honestly changed my life. I really had an embarrassing amount of hairs on my chin - seriously, it was so bad I had to shave the hairs off every morning and night. I would wear my hair in my face to try to hide the chin hairs, and I would not spend the night at anyone's home because, well, in the morning, there would be a new crop of hairs on my chin. I knew it was just superficial but it really affected my self esteem. Then I went to Donna at Smooth Endings. The treatments are practically painless. Donna was so sweet and kind and down to earth from the first visit, I felt better right away, and then when the hair started to disappear, yes, my life changed, thanks to Donna. The treatments work! Donna is extremely reliable and efficient, her place is immaculately clean, the treatments really work and Donna has a healing energy to her that makes her clients feel better about themselves right away. Trust me."
"Thrilled with the results -  I went to Donna at Smooth Endings years ago for removal of a moustache that I had been embarrassed by ever since I was a young girl. She did a superb job: each and every hair was removed and the results have lasted all these years. Donna is expert, thorough, and professional. She explained the entire process, answering all my questions and putting me at ease. She gets my wholehearted recommendation and I have always been grateful for her excellent work. I would never go to anyone else. Thanks again, Donna!"
"Professionalism and personal touch sealed the deal This place was a great pick, the professional care and personal approach made this place a fav in my book. I wouldn't go anywhere else after trying this place. I loved everything about it and I am only sad that it took me this long to find such a comfy and amazing place. Donna knows how self-conscious people can be and made it simple and stress free!"

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